Busbar Currentmeters

electronic version

As further development we at EPRO offer a new monitoring system for substations to monitor and saving of current on busbars. The speciality in these devices is on the one hand that existing EPRO Busbar Currentmeters can be retrofitted very easy and on the other hand that the electronic platine is powering itself by harvesting technology, so it is possible to be placed at the medium or high voltage level.

The values for current are measured by the current transformer and recorded by the electronics, in short time gaps these data packages are sent by a Bluetooth transmitter to the recording device nad saved. The recording device additionally appears as a Wifi Server so that all can be monitored and saved wireless by Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.
EPRO offers with this product the most economic possibility of monitoring on current busbars.

analogue version

Busbar Currentmeters are devices used from utility companies, they are fixed on the busbar in a substation and are equipped with a current transformer for the measuring part.

These devices enable an exact determination of the maximum current in the substation.
EPRO is Busbar Currentmeters are well known over decades as reliable and maintenance friendly devices, all parts are interchangeable.

They are available for different busbar sizes and different current measuring areas.