Cast Resin Products

EPRO is operating a high tech fully automatic casting plant for Epoxy Resin vacuum casting. 

The main products in this range are cable end plugs and insulators for the cable industry. 

EPRO is offering its customers full service from product development to the finished end product. 


The initial design is done by the customers but EPRO can consult in technical questions and details as sight of the expert in vacuum casting, this leads to optimized products and lower cost per pc.


EPRO's collaboration with toolmakers and manufacturers of electrodes offers the customer the possibility of a one-stop-shop for finished parts, tools, tool service and electrodes. The electrodes are one of the crucial parts of the whole insulator. We at EPRO collaborate exclusively with high quality manufacturers for best available quality also on the metal parts.


Tests on raw materials are standard at EPRO cast resin production and are done regularly. Tests on the insulators are done according to the customer's requirements. Pressure test from the inside can be done in house, Xray test and others can be offered via partners.