We are a Family Business with long tradition.


The Company was established in 1957 as Austrian subsidiary of Messwandlerbau GmbH.


A management buy-out took place in 1994 and EPRO GALLSPACH GMBH was founded.


Epro Gallspach GmbH stands for high accuracy measurement systems and products for power distribution in high voltage with a high durability.


We distinguish ourselves for flexibility and customer orientation. We are not producing massproducts, our high accuracy, innovative and customized Systems are used in international laboratories, institutes and HV test bays all over the world.


EPRO's standard transformers offer the world´s highest accuracy and are used in lots of national metrological institutes like PTB Germany, INMETRO Brasil, VMI Vietnam and many more.


Our high accuracy measurement System TRAFO TEST is built completely modular to reach a maximum in flexibility combined with high accuracy.


It´s the first full automatic transformer test system what is approved by PTB Germany as full system.



Our latest development is the ITTD Series- Tan Delta measurement on insulation materials has never been this easy, fast and comfortable.


We are ISO 9001 certified and calibration authority to ISO 17025.




Since several years we are cooperating with some selected companies and we are very proud of the resulting projects and products. Please find our cooperation partner here.




8.3.1957: Start of Messwandlerbau GmbH
In the time since 1957 till the year of 1994 EPRO was the Austrian Site of German MWB (Messwandlerbau) Group. Due to the very high lifetime of the products the name MWB still is present in a lot of high voltage test bays around the world.

17.10.1994: Buy out Messwandlerbau GmbH
Management Buy Out and founding of EPRO Gallspach GmbH by the management team. Start of production under name of EPRO on 1st of November 1994 with 17 employees.



2006/2007: New production building for cast resin isolators
New production building for new fully automatic plant for cast resin insulators. Investment in a complete new mixing and casting plant together with accessories for production as gelation ovens etc. expanding of the capacity by more than 100%.

2009: Certification to ISO System by TÜV:
First Certification according to the international well known ISO 9001 system. Since this date in a 3-year interval the certification was prolonged sucessfully.

2010: Accredition as calibration authority
Accreditation as calibration authority according to ISO 17025. Since this time EPRO is able to supply its own standard transformers with ISO 17025 calibration certificate and offers calibration service for existing equipment for voltage transformers, current transformers.


2012: Certification to GOST System
Certification of EPRO ring core transformers and EPRO Test Bay Equipment according to Russian GOST Standard. EPRO Devices can be used in official measurement institutes in countries referring to GOST standard (i.e. Russian Federation and several countries of former Soviet Union).

2013: Epro Measurement System ready to market
Ready to market of EPRO Fully Automatic Transformer Test System. First Demo System installed in EPRO Laboratory, followed from first customer of the system in Germany.


2014: PTB Calibration of EPRO Measurement System
PTB Calibration for EPRO Measurement System. First Fully Automatic Transformer Test System accredated by PTB as a complete System and not as a combination of separate devices. Accuracy far better than EPRO's works data.


2016: Epro started Insulation Test Range
In 2016 EPRO started its activities in the field of insulation material testing. The first InsulationTest Premium System was installed in the main lab of Isovolta in Austria to test C and Tan Delta as well as breakdown voltage and endurance tests up to a voltage of 100 kV.

2016: Delivery of international voltage standard to PTB
Delivery of the world is first 800/v3kV inductive standard voltage transformer to the national metrologic institute of Germany - Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB. It will be used as national and international voltage standard.

2017: ITTD Insulation Test Tan Delta ready for market
In 2017 EPRO extended the InsulationTest product range with two compact devices for material testing. The InsulationTest Tan Delta machine (ITTD) offers new possibilities in Tan Delta Testing of solid insulation materials. It measures the Tan Delta under controlled pressure and temperature, also ramps can easily be programmed. All Data are exported via Excel File.

2018: Enlargement of Insulation Test Range: Start ITTD EASY
The Easy Tan Delta is an unique and ultra compact, versatile device for C and tan Delta testing of various test objects. The Combination of ITTD and ITTD Easy offers, for example in stator bar production, a perfect Duo. Insulation materials are pre-tested with the ITTD and controlled under real conditions in production, with the Easy Tan Delta.

2020/2022: Ready for market Trafo Test Coil
The first Trafo Test Coil System was installed in the End of 2021 at a well known transformer factory in Germany. . Trafo Test Coil ist a system for pretesting of cast resin transformer coils after the casting process, before they get mounted.

2021/2022: Ready for market Insulation Test Endurance
In the end of 2021 the first system was installed at ISOVOLTA in Austria. With the endurance system it is possible to speed up the aging of insulation materials.

2021/2022 New R&D department for electronics

Epro started to build up it´s own ressources in software, electronics and projectmangement. After a year long cooperation with a external partner we are glad to have specialists in this fields now in house.