We welcome you to the homepage of EPRO GALLSPACH GMBH


We are a international acting familiybusiness, based in Austria and specialized in power distribution and measurement.

Accuracy is our passion, reliability is our business!

Since 1994 we are producing and developing at our headquarter in Gallspach, test bay equipment for high voltage application and measurement systems for transformers and insulation materials.


Test bay equipment:
Our high voltage test equipment, like standard voltage transformers, standard current transformers or test transformers /step-up /step-down transformers are well known for their high accuracy and reliability.

EPRO's standard transformers offer the world´s highest accuracy combined with stability over decades.


Feed-in transformers & audio frequency suppressors:
We are one of the last companies, who are still producing audio freuqency feed-in transformers and audio frequency suppressors for ripple control systems.


Toroidal core current transformers:
Further, we are one of the few remaining companies in Europe, who manufacture toroidal core current transformers.


Cast resin products:
With our fully automatic casting plant for epoxy resin vacuum casting, we are producing cable end plugs and insulators for leading cable manufactures.


Transformer Test Systems:
Our fully automatic transformer measurement systems are developed and build according to customers specifications, for well-known manufactures of distribution transformers, power transformers and cast resin transformers.


Insulation Test Systems:
Proudly, we are able to offer several devices for Tan Delta Testing. TD, capacity,  breakdown voltage or aging test systems; through to our long experience in this field, we are also able to realize development orders for insulation test or transformer test sytems, to develop tailor made measuring systems for our clients.


Calibration Authority:
Out test laboratory for accuracy measurement of current and voltage transformers completes our portfolio. As an accredited calibration authority, approved by  ILAC, our calibration is approved worldwide.