Feed In Transformers for ripple control systems

Our products for ripple control systems include:


Audio Frequency Feed In Transformers

Audio Frequency Suppressors

Resonance Circuit Facilities



What is a ripple control system?
With the help of ripple control technology, control signals are transmitted from ripple control transmitters to ripple control receivers via the existing power supply network (Smart Grid).
These control signals are used for example, to switch between day and night power tariffs.
The ripple control technology fulfils an important part in load management of the smart grid.


What are the components of a ripple control system?
The transmission system consists of a transmission center, (which is usually located in the network control centre), the transmission to the feed-in point, a ripple control transmitter with the associated command device at the feed-in point, and the connection to the power supply network (smart grid).


How does the transmission of the signals work?
The smart grid is used as transmission path. The audio frequency is switched on and off for transmission according to a code (pulse pattern), which creates a "telegram". Due to a special receiver (ripple control receiver), the pulse telegram will be filtered out of the network and creates the desired control signal.


Which components for ripple control systems, are manufactured by EPRO?
Audio frequency feed-in transformers and audio frequency suppressors are part of the EPRO product range since decades.
Due to the extremely long service life of up to 30 years and more, our devices are used by many local energy suppliers, especially in Europe. We are pleased that leading ripple control plant manufacturers trust in on our know-how for feed-in transformers and audio frequency suppressors.