INSULATION Test Premium 


Fully automatic testing is not only a main issue in the transformer industry. Also insulation materials, who are used in electrical machines, have to be tested on a regular basis and highly accurate. 


The most important tests in this industry are the measurement of capacitance and loss factor Tan Delta, as well as the detection of breakdown voltage. These measurements are processed out of two reasons. On the one hand, these measurements are intensively processed during the R&D process of new materials, to check new deleloped materials and on the other hand, also in production the materials have to be tested very often to ensure constant quality.


The tests in the R&D process shall cover a lot of different conditions, the settings shall be free chosen to simulate the lifetime of the materials. The production monitoring tests shall be done under exactly same conditions to be able to generate statistics and compare the results.


The most important test for R&D process mostly is the measurement of Capacitance and Tan Delta, the most important tests for production monitoring is the breakdown voltage detection.


EPRO offers the customers especially tailored systems. No matter if the main use is in R&D or production monitoring. For each user case there are special solutions. All the advantages of the EPRO measurement systems like flexibility, operators comfort and scalability (i.e. possibility of refitting in a later stage) and the best EPRO Service are for sure part of the package.

Please find more information in the datasheet, in the download area.