EPRO Measurement Systems



Trafo Test - Coil is used for pre-testing transformer coils after finishing of the casting process.

As the design of coils is getting smaller and smaller, the technical borders of insulation gets closer and therefore a pre-testing secures good coils in further production steps.

This dramatically reduces failure rate in the end testing process.

Testing the insulation of coils before mounting on transformer cores, safes time and increases productivity.

The heart of the system is the control unit, Epro´s Trafo Test Compact desk.

Tests are induced overvoltage with 400 Hz and including partcial discharge.

Like the other systems of Trafo Test Coil Series, the Trafo Test Coil will be calculated on customers specifications.

For more information please have a look at our leaflet Trafo_Test_Coil_Folder_-_EN.pdf (epro.at) or by contacting our technical sales team directly.