Isovolta AG

With the internationally well-known manufacturer of insulating material Isovolta AG, we are connected by a long-term friendship. This partnership was a major driver of the development activities for our devices in the field of insulating material testing. 

In the labs of Isovolta, especially in the main production site in Werndorf, the InsulationTest Premium system as well as several ITTD machines are in daily use.



Zera has also decades of experience in the field of instrument transformer testing. We are both operating in a very special niche.The two names together can offer outstanding quality and accuracy in complete systems for instrument transformer tests. While Zera offers highest quality measuring bridges and burdens, we are supporting complete projects with our high voltage/current transformers and standard voltage/current transformers. The result in this cooperation are the world´s most accurate and sophisticated test systems for instrument transformers.



Raytech Switzerland and Epro are maintaining a friendly and professional relationship.

On the one hand we always can recommend Raytech devices for instance in the field of winding resistance and transformer turns ratio measurements as the industry leading devices,

on the other hand, Epro is pleased to support Raytech technologists in special solutions and special requirements.



The German Physikalisch- Technische Prüfanstalt (PTB) is known worldwide as a very important metrology institute for traceability, calibrations and special tests. We have maintained a lively exchange with PTB for decades and can also offer our customers a PTB calibration as an alternative to a calibration in our accredited laboratory.

PTB also uses EPRO devices as reference, especially in the voltage range, which makes us very proud.



The Italian specialist in electronic power sources is an important partner, especially for the sources for projects in TrafoTest Systems. As the Power source is one of the main components of a complete test bay, we are very pleased to have a reliable partner in these components who is able to react on customer needs.