Toroidal Core Current transformers

EPRO Gallspach GmbH offers to its customers a bright variety of toroidal core current transformers. All devices are calculated according to customers specifications.


Flexibility and customer service:

Flexibility and finding the right solution together with our customers is the key point in this segment. EPRO is capable to produce a bright variety of options. All state of the art core materials can be used for reaching accuracy classes up to 0,2S, single core or multi core ring core current transformers or special customer wishes as specific color codes on connectors, compensation of magnetic field and many more options are available.

Generally EPRO offers minimum reaction times, minimum and flexible delivery times and maximum customer service and consulting. We see our business in this segment as finding the best solution together with our customer.


Production 100% in Austria:

Production of the ring core current transformers is done 100% in our headquarters in Gallspach / Austria, from core winding to the tested end product the whole process underlies our rigid quality control. Electrical tests are fulfilled directly in our own state of the art current transformer laboratory.


Security and reliability:

These products are designed for the use on the power transformer bushing, the use of proven and certified materials able to withstand oil under high temperature, kerosine steam drying and more mechanical or chemical stresses is important for maximum lifetime and reliability. EPRO takes care to use only proven and certified materials for maximum security. The EPRO ring core CT ´s are accredited according to PTB and BEV.