EPRO´s test transformers are build CUSTOMIZED,

below there is a selection of the common TEST TRANSFORMERS in STANDARD EXECUTION


ModelExecutionMax. Primary
Output ContinuousOutput short termPD Levelappr. Weight
HVOT 50/5 oil insulated50 kV

5 kVA

10 kVA< 1 pC180 kg
HVOT 50/10oil insulated50 kV10 kVA20 kVA< 1 pC180 kg
HVOT 50/20oil insulated50 kV20 kVA40 kVA< 1 pC450 kg
HVOT 100/5oil insulated100 kV5 kVA10 kVA< 1 pC220 kg
HVOT 100/10oil insulated100 kV10 kVA20 kVA< 1 pC220 kg
HVOT 100/20oil insulated100 kV20 kVA40 kVA< 1 pC480 kg
HVOT 100/50oil insulated100 kV50 kVA100 kVA< 1 pC1050 kg
HVOT 150/20oil insulated150 kV20 kVA40 kVA< 1 pC220 kg
HVOT 250/25oil insulated250 kV25 kVA50 kVA< 1 pC700 kg

New developed measuring winding:

Standard measuring windings can have large errors as soon as they are under any kind of load. Our latest developed is a measuring winding, which guarantees a correct HV measurement over full range with active, capacitive or inductive loads and even with very high current THD, like they occure in applied voltage tests. The measuring winding is build complete inside of the housing and only possible with limited models (please see datasheet in downloads), futhermore a measurement is currently only possible with one frequency without reconnection.