Test bay equipments

EPRO Gallspach's oil insulated test transformers are proven over decades and same as all other equipment they offer highest lifetimes of several decades.

Test transformers are used in various applications for generation of high voltage. Models from 20kV up to 500kV are available with output power of 5kVA up to 100kVA.


Detailed specifications will be established according to customer's requirements. Normal operating frequencies are 50 to 100 Hz but also for special applications design for higher frequencies is possible as well as for 16,66Hz. All test transformers are partial discharge free.

For higher voltage they are designed in a cascade construction where the lower cascade step can be operated independently. Maximum reliability in the lab over decades is secured by the use of these maintenance free test transformers.

Epro Gallspach´s dry insulated test transformer are available from 20kV-30kV with a max. continuous output of 5kVA. The test transformer are very light weighted devices with a weight of 85-105kg. The devices are free from oil and therefore very environmental friendly.

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