Measurement Systems for Transformers

The fully automatic transformer test system TrafoTest is a revolution in transformer testing. It is the only fully automatic transformer testing system what is approved by PTB Germany as a full system. The system's architecture is completely modular and the main parts are the control unit, electronic measurement boxes and inductive standard transformers for voltage and current measurement. The system in its standard version is able to process the 5 main tests according to IEC and IEEE norms as:

  • Load loss test
  • No load loss test
  • Induced overvoltage test
  • Zero sequence impedance test
  • Heat run (temperature rise test

Plus to this it can be upgraded modular to a complete transformer test centre for all needed tests, for example:

  • Winding resistance test
  • Transformer turns ratio test
  • Separate source (HiPot) test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Sound level test
  • And many more


The maximum in flexibility of this system has shown with users of highest standards that it is able to cover the maximum range of test objects in just one test infrastructure. The full EPRO range of standard voltage and current transformers and other major components give the possibility to cover big and small transformers as well as single and three phase transformers in just one test infrastructure.


The detailed data of our systems can be seen in the section of downloads on this page.

Please find the different versions of the EPRO Measurement System for transformers below.

All measurement systems are calculated on customers specifications.


The following video gives an insight into the concept of TRAFOTEST.

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