Calibration Services

Since 2010 EPRO Gallspach is accredited calibration authority according to ISO 17025 standard for Voltage and Current Transformers (Accuracy Measurement). 

More and more European and international customers are processing their recalibration activities via EPRO. 


The main issue on calibration is that the customer has go give a needed measuring device out of its hands and this means a loss of productivity. EPRO is focusing on this point and is focusing on a very fast calibration process. Compared to governmental calibration organizations we at EPRO guarantee the customer that the calibration will be done at least in 5 working days, in most of the cases even faster. This saves the customer time.


The EPRO calibration service is fully fulfilled under the standard ISO 17025 and fully traceable to the Austrian Metrologic Institute BEV and the German Metrologic Institute PTB, due to the mutual recognition agreement (ILAC) the calibration certificated are worldwide valid.